Podcast: How to Turn Patrons into Brand Ambassadors

Arts and Destination Marketing Pro Anneliese DeDiemar shares the secrets of developing awesome guest relationships.

Marketers often struggle with turning the one-time guest or patron into a meaningful long-term relationship. And while it isn’t simple to do, you CAN convert a visitor to your theater, attraction or destination into a brand ambassador. Just follow these tips from Anneliese DeDiemar from Imagination Stage. 

  1. Conduct a brand audit. Find out what is working well and what needs help. Create your marketing calendar.
  2. Develop an integrated marketing and communications approach. Cohesiveness is essential, particularly between departments and efforts. Otherwise, you risk fracturing or annoying your audience instead of bringing them closer.
  3. Cultivate organizational buy-in. Prepare your staff and your board so they can help share your messages and offers consistently.
  4. Personalize interactions. “Transformative experiences are greater than transactional ones.”  From ticket purchase to entrance, show to exit to post-show survey, there are many opportunities to customize and personalize messages and the experience.
  5. Connect with your audience. Try creative placemaking, meeting your audience where they are (literally) and taking the conversation and relationship to them. This makes them feel involved and a valuable part of your organizations.
  6. Be authentic in your communication. Ensure transparency by being “yourself” with your brand. Today’s consumers can tell the difference.
  7. Be committed and consistent. Getting started is the hardest part, so don’t lose momentum by abandoning your messages and relationships.
  8. Make patrons the stars. Provide moments for guests to capture the moment and share it. When possible, greet them personally
  9. Monitor and evaluate your strategy. Social media is an important aspect of your campaign, but not the only part. Use the tools available to analyze your efforts, then adjust to better meet your audience.
  10. Rinse and repeat! Learn from past mistakes and use them as an opportunity to grow.


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