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Why Should I Link, Share or Embed YouTube Videos?

YouTube Video - Share popup

Incorporating your YouTube videos in your online strategy

YouTube offers a multitude of features that, when used strategically, can help drive traffic to your brand online, cultivate trust, and increase conversions.

We’ll be covering the 3 most common ways to get your YouTube Videos out there for your audience to see, and when and where you want to use what sharing method.

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How to Make YouTube Playlists Work for Your Business

Digital Bard University - Manage your YouTube Channel playlist

Businesses using YouTube playlists provide a lean-back experience for their visitors. Whereas most of your videos will naturally lead visitors out of your YouTube channel to other (related) videos, a playlist will expose them to just the videos you want them to see until they decide to take an actionable step to the contrary. Which, if your videos are curated well, could be a while.

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YouTube Captions, Cards, and End Screens?

Make your YouTube videos more accessible

After you upload your video to your YouTube channel, you have a lot of additional customization options to provide a better user experience for your audience.

Through YouTube’s cards, end screens and captions, you can reach a broader audience and provide viewers easy access to additional information without having to draw their attention away from the video content.

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How to find and cultivate influencers that make your destination or attraction look awesome

Power up your marketing by partnering with well-known influencers

We all want to impress people, but in attraction, tourism, and destination marketing we’re looking to WOW people. And even when your marketing strategy is working and you’re getting more hits, sometimes that next big thing you do is what really makes a difference. This could be exactly the time to connect with an influencer.

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6 YouTube Tips and Tricks for Tourism and Destination Marketing

How A Few Simple Steps Can Help You Capitalize On Your DMO’s Video Efforts

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How uploading a video to Facebook is different from linking from YouTube.

Auto-play and improved engagement on social media mean a native Facebook upload is almost always a better choice.

If you use Facebook at all, you’ve probably noticed that posts with visuals are at least as common as text-only posts. That’s because Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images. Simultaneously, we know that videos on YouTube are a powerful SEO tool since Google owns YouTube and favors videos in search results. How are you supposed to know which platform to use when sharing videos?

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How to Play Video on Your Business Card.

Get visual and modern with tricks that bring your next introduction to life with video.

You get asked a lot of silly questions when your extraordinarily colorful business card has a play button on it (when you’re in the business of video marketing, it’s par for the course). But when someone asked me “What, so can I play a video here on the card?” I didn’t find the question that ridiculous. Given the everyday use I’d have for a “video business card,” how do I accomplish the same thing with videos that I already have? Here are three ideas. 

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“Check your flow, man.” Four places to improve conversions.

Equatorial Guinea branding video

Small changes in your marketing conversion paths add up quickly.

While we don’t create websites or manage email campaigns and social media posts for clients, we do touch those worlds often. We understand clearly how a marketing campaign video is typically shown on a website or social media property, and how the marketing conversion goal usually includes visiting a website.

So if there is a disconnect somewhere along the path, even if we are not in control of that part, the conversion success of the video to the website or lead generation opt-in suffers. That makes us look bad, and we’re really not down with that.

Here are four parts of your conversion path (or sales funnel, whichever term you prefer) that are worth a double check:

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The City of Frederick hits a home run with tech recruitment video

Authentic “cast” and stellar planning make this government video a social media success!

When you design your video campaign, are you taking a moment to anticipate the steps you might need to take when your posted video gets 15,000 views in the first 10 hours? (Step 1: pick your jaw up off the floor, fist bump your marketing team, call your best friend, and pull the string on the party poppers!) (more…)

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