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Creative work recognized in local Advertising Federation competition

Digital Bard brought home three Silver awards from the American Advertising Federation of Greater Frederick (AAF-GF) for work done in 2015.  This year’s winners are:

Greater Frederick is full of talent and inspiration

This year, I joined the board of the American Advertising Federation – Greater Frederick (AAF-GF). If you don’t already know about them, this organization celebrates and promotes the many facets of advertising.

AAF- Greater Frederick hosted the annual ADDY awards show with a vintage circus look. As the media presentation sponsor, it fell to Digital Bard to incorporate the event theme into several videos that played throughout the ceremony. Archive films of were "pinned" to the moving...

Digital Bard took the classic board game theme from "Clue" and turned into an animated video to welcome guests to the 2012 awards ceremony for the America Advertising Federation of Greater Frederick's (AAF-GF) ADDY Awards....