Supporting the Sales Team through Explainers and Product Demos

Product Demo Videos and Explainer Videos Can Help Your Sales Soar

Today’s sales employees thrive with a fast start. One of the most efficient ways to help them hit the ground running is through well-crafted videos. Have you already considered making an investment to move the process along? Explainer videos are a great way to realize faster, more impressive success for your sales staff. Here’s why they work and how to plan for your next sales hit. 

The newest members of your sales team have managed to hit the ground running! You have high hopes for this year’s glowing annual report. This group is driven, capable, and ready to make an impact. Your stellar onboarding process last month gave each of them a sense of company culture and pride. Everyone feels welcome and valued, and the enthusiasm is contagious.

Build on sales momentum quickly by providing professional, consistently presented visual sales videos. Not only will they make a favorable first impression and keep messaging on brand, but properly produced product demos and explainer videos are shown to increase conversions.

When Seasoned Salespeople Sail Through Uncharted Waters

But even the most seasoned salespeople can feel apprehensive and go weak in the knees when they are sailing into uncharted waters. Your new team has not yet enjoyed the benefit of familiarity or had the luxury of time to develop relationships with prospective clients. They are closing sales, but not quite at the pace that management would like to see. It’s easy to feel like small fish in a big bowl, and everyone is watching. How can you help?

Your initial onboarding efforts have given your new employees a solid beginning! But in this next phase, you need a strategy for quick progress. 

All Aboard Quickly; Don’t Miss The Boat

You’ve decided to test the waters with one or two product demo videos, and that’s great! According to the Forbes Business Development Council article, 13 Winning Sales Training Techniques, to ensure a faster return on investment (ROI), it’s important to “invest more time early.” You want to instill success before panic sets in – and make it sustainable. Give your employees an edge, and they’ll close sales all day. But show them how to push past that edge, and they’ll be reeling in the clients before you’ve had a chance to come up for air.

The Importance of Explainer Videos; Seeing is Believing

We have all heard someone exclaim, “I will have to see it to believe it!” Because of this almost universal penchant for visual learning, use a variety of explainer videos to ensure that your employees better retain the information.

For example, before diving into procedural videos, you may need to highlight your mission statement, introduce company culture, or review benefits. Later, interviews or testimonials from satisfied customers will inspire your new employees and help them to visualize their goals. And of course, answers to Frequently Asked Questions are always useful. To learn more about various approaches, check out another Forbes article, What You Really Need to Know About Explainer Videos.

Product Demo Videos are also important. When salespeople are exposed to not only the “why” but also the “how,” they can more easily grasp techniques and accept suggestions. The time you take to provide this support translates into sales. Employees can learn, for example, to overcome buying objections much more easily if the simplistic style of your demo video is relatable.

Outdated lists of tips and pages of procedures are a thing of the past. You can even use this approach for product development. Demo videos are excellent for proof of concept. Use them to break down new and complex ideas to future customers, board members, industry partners and even potential investors.  

Using Animated Videos to Entertain and Explain

As Walt Disney once quipped, “I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.”

Take it from this clever pioneer of the American animation industry; he may be on to something! Consider using a more engaging approach such as animated video. Simplify your message by using representations of processes and platforms. This works especially well for software as a service (SAAS) platforms and websites. When they specifics of a User Interface change, an animated explainer video doesn’t need to stay true to details.

Animated video also has a longer shelf life and can stick around to be used again and again. This eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel for the next round of new employees. It’s fresh, universal, creative, and efficient. As explained in the article, Four Ways Confusion is Hurting/Harming Your Explainer Videos, keeping your message simple can go a long way.  

Give your sales team every advantage to succeed. Utilize product demos and explainer videos to provide a quick start, consistent messaging, and a professional first impression.

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