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Whitney Hahn headshotLooking for fresh speaking topics for small business, non-profit or association audiences? Whitney’s insights on marketing, leadership and hanging on for dear life have been featured in two books and dozens of podcasts, including the “Zesty Marketing Podcast.” She is a frequent speaker at business events and emcees an average of six non-profit fundraising dinners each year.

In her previous lives, Whitney has been a radio DJ, a TV show host (appearing on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and Animal Planet) and the marketing director for a zoo. She plays a respectable game of “Jeopardy!” and a disrespectable game of “Cards Against Humanity.”

“I had the pleasure of having Whitney as a guest speaker for AdvantEdge Business Centers EdgeTalks. She not only brings top notch knowledge from the Video Marketing world, but her high energy and sense of humor kept even the most novice of attendees interested and ready to learn more. We can’t wait to have Whitney join us for another EdgeTalks session!” – Athena RussoVice President of Operations at AdvantEdge Business Centers

Speaking Topics for Businesses, Associations and Non-Profit Organizations

Video Marketing for Businesses and Non-Profits                                    

Discover the 5 main types of online videos, when to use them for maximum effectiveness, and how to easily integrate video with your other marketing efforts.

Video marketing continues to explode, with 62% of Fortune 500 Companies are using YouTube to connect with clients and promote products and services. From professional service providers to manufacturing, tourism to tech, video marketing has proven to be an effective, cost efficient tool for educating purchasers and moving them through the sales funnel.

But are you sure you are choosing the right video for the job? If you’ve made a great video, how do you get the right people to see it? And how much should you budget to get a reasonable job done? These are the types of questions Whitney answers every day. After working with small businesses and non-profits for more than a dozen years, Whitney cuts through the noise to ground your decisions with the science of storytelling intersecting with social media.

Stop Driving Yourself Crazy! Content Marketing for Busy People

Harness the power of “Cascading Content” and make smarter, more cost-effective decisions about your content marketing plan.

With so much communicating to do, to so many different audiences on different platforms, how you maintain consistency and frequency without losing your mind? By understanding cascading content, and how video can make your plan easier to integrate.

Start by seeing where the most common types of video fit into your business communication strategy, so you know how to choose the horse for the course. Then get tips on efficiently re-purposing video content – and its logical offspring – for sales, social media, retention and recruitment. You’ll kick yourself for not seeing this sooner!

View a portion of this presentation here.

The Paradox of Servant Leadership

How does a Servant Leader model fairness and compassion without becoming a doormat?

We’re taught to be nice AND say the hard things. Your people need to know you care about them AND your people need to know you’ll make the tough decisions.

How do you really do both, with equal integrity? Whitney will share her own perspectives and tactics, drawing from her experiences from animal training to managing a human team.

“Whitney is a dynamic speaker who blends knowledge and humor in a masterful way. Thoughtful, credible and extremely smart, she is also fun and energetic. That combination makes for an upbeat and engaging presentation that is attractive to many different types of audiences.” Joanne McCoy, Entrepreneur and Programming Coordinator

Underutilized Marketing Tools in Under 2 Minutes Each

Explore dozens of free and low-cost marketing tools you are probably overlooking, perfect for non-profits and small businesses on a shoestring budget.

Sharpen your pencils and fill your idea page during this rapid-fire session. Walk away with ideas for new ways to promote your products and services, plus get actionable tips on how to get better results from the favorites you already use.  This talk’s handouts include a list of marketing tools and a digital planning calendar. This speaking topic is sure to provide new inspiration for your marketing plan.

What an Improv Comic Can Teach You About Creative Brainstorming

Learn the six basic rules of improvisational comedy, try a little exercise or two to get the feel, and then discover how to use these same rules to blow up your next brainstorming session.

Have you ever been in a brainstorming session that’s more drizzle than storm? Did the discussion result in no creativity, no momentum, and no really new ideas?  You can create an atmosphere where participants talk productively, stay open to suggestions and where each contribution builds on the last.

This presentation topic is perfect for smoothing the interaction between two noticeably different business and association mindsets, like creatives and planners.  It’s not about being funny, but you will have fun doing it.

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