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the revenue you earn,

and the fun you have doing it.

Grow your
Professional Skills

Create Impact
for Your Organization

Confidently Know
Your Next Steps

Ever hear that expression? It's true.
We all have blind spots, gaps in our knowledge, and limited experiences that can get in our way.

This can make it difficult to create the impact you desire. You may feel like you are:

  • stuck in a thinking rut – always considering options, but too unsure to move forward
  • wasting time researching tools and techniques when you’d rather be doing what you love
  • spending money on marketing or advertising without knowing what is working
  • not generating the leads or revenue you want, even though you have a needed product or service

What if you had someone on the outside to challenge your thinking, help you sort through options, and broaden your vision of what’s possible?

That’s exactly what you experience in a small group coaching session.

Choose the Coaching Topic Right For You

Marketing and Sales

Create the messages and systems you use
to win and wow customers.
$ 1725 x3 Payments
  • Create a clear and compelling
    brandscript and marketing message.
  • Build the 5 crucial elements of
    your sales funnel.
  • Blueprint a proposal that sells.
  • Bring it all together to
    become a customer magnet!
  • 6 sessions over 12 weeks
Starts Aug 17


Attract and engage donors, volunteers and
service recipients like never before.
$ 1725 x2 Payments
  • Connect with the real reasons people support your cause.
  • Create a donor message that opens minds and checkbooks.
  • Define the master messages to use
    in every fundraising campaign.
  • Draft a powerful case for support
    (then turn it into a repeatable template).
  • 4 sessions over 8 weeks
Starts Sep 30

Business & Leadership

Influence and align while you
sharpen your personal and business focus.
$ 1725 x3 Payments
  • Think and act like a hero on a mission.
  • Creating a Guiding Principles Packet that fires your team up with purpose.
  • Unlock the secrets to a communication plan that inspires and engages.
  • Know how to fill your days with
    the right people and projects.
  • 6 sessions over 12 weeks
Starts 2022
Whitney Hahn, Storybrand Certified Coach and Guide

It shouldn’t be this hard for good people to get great results!

I get it, which is why I work with executives, and emerging sales and marketing leaders to #ProvokeBetter decisions, actions and results.

As a business owner and advisor, I talk with people every day who are frustrated with their results. 

  • You want to accelerate your professional growth. 
  • You  are hungry for a strategic plan that gets results without wasting your time. 
  • You want to know that the hard work you put in will matter.

I know exactly what this feels like. Even though I was running a marketing agency that had many of the markers of success, I had a nagging feeling that I was missing something key.  I knew that if I could just look at a problem in a different way, I’d unlock an easier path to creating the impact, revenue, and results I wanted.

My answer came in the form of a mastermind group that challenged and supported me in the best possible ways.  

Our focused small group coaching cohorts are just like that. You will get the guidance, feedback, and accountability needed to quickly see results.

It's Time To #ProvokeBetter Decisions, Actions and Results!

Choose the upcoming topic focus that is best for you. Then apply to join us. Space is limited, so early applications are encouraged.