National Museum of Civil War Medicine (History Tourism)

   01 Jun 2017

 Hospital Walking Tour – Stop #1: Visitation Academy

The National Museum of Civil War Medicine found that there were many historic sites within walking distance of their location in downtown Frederick, and they needed a way to tie them together and showcase them. They wanted to present a glimpse inside the many buildings that served as hospitals and significant locations during the American Civil War.

Digital Bard worked with the National Museum of Civil War Medicine museum to create a series of videos for their Civil War Hospital Walk Tour in downtown Frederick. These videos allow people to experience some of the stories behind these locations, and hear directly from historians. In order to make sure the final videos were compelling and accurate, we worked closely with NMCWM to select the right locations, interview subjects, and supporting imagery.

In this video, The Visitation Academy grounds and buildings served as a hospital site, but the sanctuary and chapel were left for the nuns to live. The Academy continued to operate as a school during this time.

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