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Ever sense there’s a gap, problem, or murky spot in your marketing? Maybe you worry about how harmful it is or what it might be costing you. Marketing confidence may be low. Few, if any, processes or expert resources are in place.

That’s OK. Sometimes you need a fresh perspective to see clearly.  That’s why we developed the 5-4-3 Impact!™ Personalized Flight Plan.

5-4-3 Impact!(TM) Flight Plan


We’ve been consulting clients for over six years and I can’t imagine not having [Digital Bard] as part of our growth team. Whitney challenges us to get out of our own way, gives us tools to expand and simplify our processes all while laughing our butts off.
– Laura Wallace, President at Worx

Your Personalized Flight Plan is developed through several interactions with an experienced Strategist.

  1. Your current situation is reviewed to identify what’s working, what’s missing, opportunities to consider, and threats to mitigate.
  2. Your thinking will be challenged and your goals will be defined.
  3. Flight Plans usually take 2-4 weeks to design.
  4. Your Flight Plan report includes a SWOT Analysis and a 1-page marketing plan with suggested marketing tactics, cadence and channels for greatest impact.

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You are debriefed on the results and provided with written, high-level marketing strategy recommendations on where to start, how to measure success and what to tactics and tools to phase in over time.  We often discover small holes in systems that can easily be fixed and nearly instantly start bringing you better marketing engagement. You’ll know the free and low-cost actions that can help you get some quick wins, plus a longer-range view of what your marketing strategy could include.

Here’s the part that might surprise you: the answer is not always “make more marketing videos.” 

“Digital Bard spent a great deal of time with us early in the process to gain a clear understanding of our company and goals… kept us on task, so we were able to meet our deadlines.
We couldn’t be more happy with our videos and their outcome. I highly recommend the Digital Bard team!”

– Dina Davis, MK Concrete

Deeper marketing strategy consultations and services may be offered, such as:

  • reviewing your video properties and analytics to reveal how you can capture better results from your current videos,
  • creating targeted buyer personas so you know how to personalize your offers and spend less to reach them,
  • developing the brand story, where you tap into a prospect’s hopes (and fears) to cut through the noise,
  • communicating the brand story through the website, “elevator speech,” client dialogues, product videos, etc.,
  • using techniques like role-playing to train team members on how to use this brand story to help prospects “raise their hand,”
  • refining the customer journey, finding ways to wow them and add impact without adding a lot of expenses.

Avoid false moves, wasted time and mismatched efforts with our marketing strategy consultations.
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