Motion graphics and character animation gets created in the “Lab”

Animated company explainer video showcases APHL’s behind-the-scenes services

Ever wonder who identifies health threats to keep your world safe and healthy? It’s the laboratorians at Public Health Laboratories across the country. They protect you from diseases by testing everything from public water fountains to every American newborn to make sure it all checks out safe and sound.
The thing is, not many people know about the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL), so they talked with us. They needed to convey some of the essential functions of Laboratorians in a non-technical, non-threatening, interesting, fun video. Whew! The result?

Digital Bard recently just finished this animated video that explains the key services and helps APHL educate viewers about their behind-the-scenes heroics.

This animated video followed our clearly defined creative process, which includes collaborative video scripting, the development of animated characters and style frames, custom illustrations, video storyboarding, and of course, motion animation. As a 2D graphics piece, we decided to give the characters simple, repetitive motions so the project could be visually interesting without breaking the budget. Animated videos like this one start at about $6000 per-finished-minute.

Do you have a product or service that deserves some notoriety? Creating an “explainer video” might be a good place to start. We can custom build something for you, just like we did for APHL. Digital Bard also offers some inexpensive Packages  to upgrade your online presence in a snap, starting at only $99, making getting started with video more affordable than you might expect.

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