Using Video for Better Employee Onboarding

How Video Helps Streamline the Onboarding Process

Add Video to your Employee Onboarding for Faster, “Funner” Training and Retention

Your new employees have arrived, and expectations are high on both sides. Your magnificent window of opportunity to capitalize on the present wave of enthusiasm and to facilitate solid retention rates stands before you, beckoning, waiting for your next move. You are ready to welcome these shiny fresh faces on board, and you can’t wait to show them around and show off your space. But how to open that window? Where is the key? We have all heard the term “onboarding,” but what does it really mean? And how can video help you do all of that better? 

Onboarding is not the same process as orientation.

During orientation, your brand new co-workers are reluctantly wading through the necessary paperwork, and doing their best to grasp the essence of your mission statement. They are learning a few basic procedures and beginning to acclimate themselves to their new environment. This tried-and-true orientation process has long been a quick introduction of the handshake variety and could be completed in just a few hours. A simple tradition that worked well in years past – when finding a job was easier and staying indefinitely was implied – it seemed sufficient. But today’s carefully chosen candidates can be restless; if you want them to hang around for a while, they need more. 

Onboarding, on the other hand, is more like a series of carefully crafted experiences over time, with the intent of encouraging and motivating each newly hired employee to dive in with every fiber of his or her being. It’s deeper and richer, and it fosters employee satisfaction, better work performance, and loyalty. And onboarding should start immediately; the first day on the job is the day to show your commitment and earn long-lasting respect from your new employees.

Fast starts, quick wins, and employee engagement

For employee and employer alike, the importance of fast starts and quick wins cannot be underestimated. Investing in an onboarding experience for your team is wise; spending all of your resources on recruitment and then dropping the ball is not. The support that you provide during these first crucial weeks will come back to you in the form of happy, productive employees. They will feel satisfied, inspired, and immediately able to identify as part of a vital team.

When done right, onboarding is not only fun and rewarding but can also be strategic and very efficient. The idea is to set up your employees to succeed quickly from the moment they walk through the door. For a few tips and tricks on how to do this, check out this Forbes Coaches Channel quick read: Creative Onboarding Strategies To Set Your New Hire Up For Success

Using Insightful Video for a Fast Start Your Onboarding Plan

Now that you have sagely decided to tackle your onboarding plan, where should you begin? First, think about your goals. You probably want to present a consistent “big picture” message to all employees, so that everyone is on the same page and receives the same welcome. And no need to start in the middle! Even the relatively urgent process of completing oh-so-boring paperwork can be creatively included in this initial presentation. Next, you may want to tailor your message slightly for each individual department within your organization. Even so, you know the importance of streamlining your approach and presenting your brand cohesively, so some similarities in content will be important. That’s where video comes in!

To start, picture a welcome video that explains “what we do and why we do it,” along with an animated description to simplify all of those pesky “first things first” paperwork chores. Maybe the mission statement and a few visuals showing the chain of command and company culture would fit nicely here, along with exciting stuff like benefits and reward programs. This video is for everyone; it gets the party started.

Continue with the sorting process: streamline your approach

Next is the sorting process. Some companies find that separate department videos loaded with personality and fun are very effective and worthwhile. This is the time to instill individual pride and empower your new employees to engage with your brand. At this stage, individuals gain insight, find their niche, and crave success. And they haven’t even started yet! This new experience is no longer just a job; it’s important and relevant and they are feeling like a rock star.

Perhaps you would like to bring everyone back together to enjoy one last video to promote a sense of unity and purpose.  For this final onboarding video, touch on what makes your company unique and a great place to work! You can also describe your company’s role in things that are important to your employee audience, such as giving back or taking good care of the environment. Wrap up with a closing message that already has your new batch of employees standing up and rolling up their sleeves before you can even get a word in edgewise to proclaim, “That’s a wrap!”

What to Expect When the Cameras Start Rolling

Are you ready to get started? Digital Bard will be on your side every step of the way. To demystify onboarding videos and better understand what to expect during the process, check out this in-house video.  Most importantly, remember that preparation is everything on the “first day,” so be ready, wear a wide smile, and don’t forget to pack your lunch!


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