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Four Ways Confusion Ruins Your Explainer Videos

Simple and clear explainer videos increase conversion rates.

Explainer videos are an integral part of any current marketing online strategy. Today’s customers watch these short, often animated videos to make effective buying decisions about software and complex solutions. In order for your message to be heard, your target audience needs to be presented with information they can quickly and efficiently understand. On the surface, you get this.

However, too many of you are doing it wrong. Clarity is crucial in an effective explainer video. What is your strategy? Explore four ways that your explainer video content may be ruining your lead generation and what to do instead.

Don’t bewilder buyers. Filter and focus for fabulous video results.

1. Are you sending too many messages? Even when multiple messages seem to enhance one another, prospects need to understand what you are saying without feeling overstimulated. You are overwhelming them with features instead of benefits. You want the explainer video to show everything your solution can do. Stop it! Instead, save that second or third message for your next explainer video.

Think about the reasons your viewer may have originally decided to watch your video, and give them not only what they need, but also what they want. Make it fun, interesting, and engaging so they’ll stick around until your call-to-action at the end.

2. Is your message lacking a positive element? While good explainer videos often start by highlighting what is wrong with your life without this solution, don’t stay there. Appeal to your prospect’s emotional and logical side (in that order) by crafting an explainer video that shows how glorious life will be WITH your solution.

It might be beneficial to tell a short story to captivate your audience but stay away from the never-ending saga that would require a bookmark. Then, give your prospect a compelling reason to get that free trial, schedule a demo or otherwise test your solution.

3. Does your message come across as boring or unappealing to the viewer? Remember that the magic happens when your audience can relate to your message. If you sense too many yawns, maybe you need to spice it up with some humor or find some common ground.  Can you find a way personalize your message and make it relatable to your core consumer?

Do whatever it takes to impress. Wearing sweats to that very important job interview? Of course not! To impress your audience, you will need to be prepared, polished, shiny, and ready to wow ‘em. Today’s viewers want you to speak directly to them, as if you are across the table, enjoying a couple of skinny cinnamon dolce lattes together!

4. Most importantly: Is the poor quality of your animated explainer video doing a disservice to your image? Your video is a representation of your brand, so don’t lose sight of your original intent. Dust off the cobwebs; this is your chance to shine!Add some pizazz to create interest. The video that you remember long after that 60-second viewing just might be the one that made you smile. If you can manage to not only inform, but also to entertain, you’ll find yourself in the big leagues with the other creative explainer video producers, and your loyal following is sure to ensue. Bring on the popcorn!

Consider extending the life and relevance of your current video content with some small, cost-effective updates. And if you need a consultation to put your best foot forward, why not? The 60-second elevator speech is always secretly rehearsed (surprise!), and your marketing video is no different. Utilize your sources! There’s no shame in investing wisely.


Be brave: analyze your video’s lead generation efforts.

Need a glimpse into your video’s report card? Learn more about the relationship between video views and success through YouTube’s Engagement Analytics Video

For tips on reading an Audience Retention Report on YouTube Analytics, check out YouTube’s article, Assess Audience Engagement

Still need guidance? Discuss a crisper, clearer, more professional approach by scheduling a consultation with us.

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