Streamline Your Customer Relations Management (CRM) to Increase Sales Year-Round

Free, full version trial offers powerful inbound marketing and tracking

We admit it: we are metrics geeks. We want to know what video marketing is working and what isn’t so we can respond to the good stuff and dump the deadbeats as quickly as possible. So when we saw one of the leaders in inbound marketing and tracking offering a full version of their software as a free trial, we had to spread the word.

Start by streamlining the nurturing process for your potential customers with a good CRM… that’s short for “Customer Relationship Management” software. Building relationships builds sales, and basically, CRM software is an online organizational tool that helps you keep track of your leads and clients.

Hubspot, one of our favorite CRM software providers, has an incredibly expansive CRM that can monitor not only your client’s contact information and status in the nurturing process, but it can even track if they’re on your website, what they’re looking for, and how long they stay. This level of intricacy allows you to deliver the best content to your individual clients, and follow up immediately if they’re, say, looking at your product’s prices and reviews.

A targeted follow-up often means that lead will become a client. You build rapport, know what they are interested in and answer a need.

It works great for video, too. You can see what video content any given client is searching for, how long they watch it, and what they do directly after. With video being such a powerful tool, having context for how your customer reacts allows you to have a targeted follow up and increases your chance of getting your call-to-action answered.

Usually, Hubspot’s tools are offered at a “lite” version demo, meaning not all the features are available. But they are running a 30-day free trial of the full version right now. Not sure about you, but we’re definitely going to check it out for tracking our leads, clients, video, and site content.

Check out the CRM sale today here, or contact Contact Digital Bard for more info!”

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