50 Degrees North forms valuable partnerships to craft custom tours

Targeting niche travelers with custom itineraries

Natalie Lauzon, the Business Development Manager for 50 Degrees North, is this week’s guest on the Zesty Marketing Podcast. 50 Degrees North is a tour operator based in Øyer, Norway with an office in Vancouver, Canada. They send travelers on adventures in the Scandinavian and Nordic countries.

Natalie discusses how she and her team work with both industry and non-industry partners to create custom tours, and how 50 Degrees North offers unique travel experiences for niche groups of travelers like women-only tours of Scandinavia.

Targeting niche audiences

When you’re trying to get a certain kind of person to buy your trips or schedule a visit, you have to conduct a great deal of research into who the people are that you’re targeting, what they care about, and what their challenges or fears are. Once you have a pretty good idea of who you’re trying to reach, you’ll be able to form a plan to best communicate with those people. David West from Herschend Family Entertainment (owners of Dollywood theme park) really delves into the idea of guest research in his podcast episode with us.

Forming beneficial partnerships

Natalie tells us that she ended up having a 4.5 hour long conversation with the Deputy Director of the Nordic Museum in Seattle, Washington, and they ended up forming a partnership and created a custom tour together. They discovered a common passion for the region, since both of them love to share and educate the public on Nordic culture, heritage, and history, so collaboration made sense! Especially given that a visitor to the Nordic Museum has already expressed interest in Nordic culture, they would be more likely to want to go on a trip to see the region themselves.

50 Degrees North and the Nordic Museum crafted this unique itinerary together and set it up as an auction item at a gala fundraising. The partnership between the two helped them reach an even wider audience and track visitors who had already shown interest in the region 50 Degrees North sells trips to, so it was beneficial for them in the long run as they will be able to continue to target interested potential travelers.

About the guest: Natalie Lauzon is the Business Development Manager for 50 Degrees North. She has held lots of positions in her 25+ years in travel, from tour guiding and teaching to developing the North American market now for 50 Degrees North.

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