40% off Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Pro video editing software is 40% off until Nov 30th

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably tired of the complicated “workarounds” and render wait times of many popular video editing softwares. Well, Adobe just came out with their newest edition of Premiere Pro video editing software, and man, this thing is efficient.

Background rendering, complete Adobe products integrations, and even faster quick keys make this software a happy hybrid of Final Cut 7’s powerful tools and Adobe’s popular interface. It makes for a more user-friendly Final Cut 7, but with even a few more tricks (like being able to import a wide variety of native files without rendering).

We just got this email from Adobe about their sale to kick off CS6. Signing up here by the end of November gets you 40% off the ticket price. We’re quite into bargains like this. Check out what we’re starting to work on with Premiere Pro CS6, or here to get a free consultation on how we can use this great software for your next big project.

In fact, one of Digital Bard’s own is teaching a class on Adobe Premiere this November and December at Frederick Community College. Get to know your way around this powerful software- and a few pro tips. Find out more information on how to register here.

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